Alcohol and Drug Policy For High School Athletes

While many physicians would state that athletic’s leads to healthier lifestyles for adolescents there are some that believe sport’s leads to substance abuse because of the culture behind the sport.

In the NFL, 18 players this year alone have been suspended for either performance enhancing drugs, violating the leagues substance abuse policy, or for the possession of marijuana.

The pressures on winning in high school are so great that a lot of students feel the need to gain an advantage on their opponents. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention around 6 percent of high school students become subject to performance enhancing drugs

In high school’s like Cheshire there are alcohol and drug policies for student athletes. These policies are in place for the students safety and to deter the athletes from using drugs and alcohol. Matt Rapetski, a Junior on the Cheshire High Football team says that “the drug and alcohol policy is strict but a good one. If you are caught drinking which is considered possession of alcohol by a minor, then that would result in a 10-9. This means that you miss 3 weeks or 6 contest (whichever comes first). The second time you are caught can be 180 days and the third, you are done with that sport until all your suspenions are up.”

The policies for alcohol and drugs between high school and college have similarities but have differences as well.

“In H.S where their was a zero-tolerance alcohol policy, in college we had a 48 hour policy. What that meant is there was no drinking starting from 48 hours within a contest,” says Greg Trifone a 2006 graduate of Cheshire High and 2010 graduate of Endicott College. “This was a team-sanction rule. The only true school-sanction rule for athletes was that there was no drinking during pre-season camp. Now obviously, arrests and things of that nature were handled differently. As for the drug policies, both HS and college has zero tolerance for illegal drugs. In college, being a D-3 school, we were told we would be drug tested only if we made the playoffs.”


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